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I welcome you to the Hypnosisworx practice. I have prepared the following information so that you will have a clear understanding of my practice, your rights and responsibilities as a client – and mine as your therapist.

Therapist – Client Role

The therapist’s role is to help you explore options and choices that will help you to bring about the changes you desire. It is about working together with the many variables in your life, and the many therapeutic tools on offer. The therapist does not prescribe for, or diagnose, any condition. Hypnotherapy, counselling, or any other therapy that may be given during our sessions, is complementary to medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services, or issues-specific counselling.

You, as the client, are ultimately responsible for making the positive changes you desire in your life. Your active participation in sessions, and following the suggested schedule of recordings at home between sessions, will help you to achieve your goals. It is important that, during the consultation process, you disclose all information about your mental and physical health – as well as information pertaining to the reason for your visit.

Confidentiality Policy

All information shared with Hypnosisworx is confidential and will not be released without your permission, except as required by Law. The therapist will take notes during sessions, however as per The Privacy Act 1993, all notes, and your individual file, will be locked away between sessions. Information given during the consultation process will be used by Hypnosisworx for hypnotherapy treatment. In some instances, information gathered may be used for research or educational purposes, however any information used for this purpose will not identify you.

Cancellation Policy

A reminder text will be sent to you a day or two prior to each session. I would appreciate that you reply to that text. It is your responsibility to make sure you are available for the appointment that you have agreed to. Please give a minimum notice of 24 hours, by text, phone or email, if you need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment. Failure to give the required notice, may result in the full session fee being charged to you.

Programme Time Frames

Hypnosisworx offers specialist hypnotherapy programmes that are pre-paid and have a set amount of sessions. These sessions must be completed within a certain time frame (see below). Any sessions not completed within the recommended time frame below, will result in the remaining sessions being forfeited – unless otherwise agreed by the therapist. Minimum notice of 24 hours is also required to re-schedule these pre-paid sessions – failure to do so will result in that session being forfeited. Failure to turn up to a session, without contact, will deem that session as being forfeited. If you need to cancel a session, it is your responsibility to make contact with Hypnosisworx to re-schedule that session. This must also be rescheduled within the timeframe expected of the programme (see below).

  • 5 session Programmes – completion within 12 weeks from the first session
  • 4 session Programmes – completion within 10 weeks from the first session
  • 3 session Programmes – completion within 6 weeks from the first session

NO REFUNDS will be given for unused sessions of any hypnotherapy programme.

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