Maybe you are great with exercising but not so great with food choices? Maybe you have food under control, but find it hard to get motivated to exercise - or stay motivated to go to the gym? Or perhaps it is alcohol or sugar that are affecting your ability to control your shape and size? Perhaps life is too busy or stressful - or there are past emotional trauma/issues blocking you from achieving your goals - or even starting on them!

Hypnosisworx has several weight loss programs available:

If one of our standard programmes do not fit your needs, then consider an individually tailored programme designed specifically to help you achieve your health and well-being goals!

To find out how an individually tailored programme could assist you to achieve your weight loss, health or fitness goals, just contact Sheryl today.

Sheryl remains passionate about helping clients to realise their weight loss goals! Along with Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band programme, she has combined other effective hypnotic tools to allow clients to experience an all-round change in health and well-being - of mind and body!

virtual gastric band

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is a safe, non-surgical technique that uses the power of hypnosis to bring about a change in the mind to be satisfied with smaller amounts of foods.

It is not a diet! It is a life-long change to the way you think and feel about food - and learning to listen to your stomach, rather than your head!

Throughout the programme you learn to be satisfied eating smaller amounts of food - but you continue to eat what you like! Over time you naturally choose healthier and more nutritious foods!

The programme consists of 5 sessions in clinic (or online) - where you learn how to relax and clear your mind and body from daily stress; be more confident and positive about achieving your goals; be satisfied eating smaller amounts of food; eat healthier and take time to enjoy each mouthful; look forward to regular exercise - and feel great while you are doing all this!

The Hypnosisworx Virtual Gastric Band programme not only includes the tried and true weight-management techniques pioneered by Sheila Granger - it also looks at any emotional or past mental blocks that may have contributed to emotional eating, binge eating and weight gain. In your first two-hour session in clinic (or online), we will cover your history and association with food; how your life affects your eating habits; and other issues that may affect your ability to control your shape and size.

Sheryl has been so impressed with the changes her clients have experienced over the years, that in December 2019 she approached Sheila Granger and embarked on her own VGB journey!

Sheryl comments - "It has just been so easy to eat 3 small meals a day, without feeling the need to snack in between! I choose much healthier foods now, and look forward to my daily exercise! Bit by bit my clothes have got looser - and I feel so much more in control of food - rather than IT being in control of me!"

There are many benefits to this wonderful programme, along with guidelines that work alongside the hypnosis to ensure your success. These are common sense, and easy to follow!

VGB certified

On-line VGB sessions are available for the VGB programme.

Sheryl works online with clients all over New Zealand, and internationally - so if you are unable to attend sessions in the Hamilton clinic, then consider working online!

Online hypnotherapy is just as effective as hypnotherapy in the clinic setting!

Book a consult today

If you would like to find out how the VGB programme may help you, contact Sheryl to arrange an initial phone consult that will determine your suitability to embark on the VGB journey!

Read this article recently published in the Sunday Star times, and available on Stuff, about Sheryl and her client's weight loss journey! Hypnotherapy convinces people a 'virtual' gastric band is trimming their waistline.

Watch this short video explaining how the VGB programme may help you to achieve your weight loss goals!

Sugar is something we consume every day! It’s in our coffee, sauces, cereals – and definitely in the sweets and chocolates we treat ourselves to!

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes rank among the greatest health problems we face nowadays – and these may largely result from what many call an ‘addiction’ to sugar.


Solving this problem requires reducing the drive to eat unhealthy foods, without affecting the desire to eat healthy foods when hungry.

A little subconscious intervention may help change how somebody thinks about sugar!

This four-session programme gives you tools to:

  • Control sugar intake, so that your body becomes healthier and less dependent upon those 'bad carbs'.
  • Deal with stress and tension in your life, and gain motivation to make sensible choices around sugar.

Curb those Sugar Cravings and feel confident and empowered again!

fresh food

Most of us have tried every fad diet available. Most diets produce a quick-fix – but they are not sustainable for most people in the long-term.

This programme is not a nutrition course – more like a programme to help you become more aware of what is a healthy, balanced diet – and to retrain your mind to prefer the healthy, nutritious foods that are better suited to your body!

Perhaps you have hit a plateau in your weight loss journey – or you may have cravings for particular foods (salty, processed, simple carbohydrates or sugar). Maybe you are simply tired, with low energy levels.

Whether your goal is weight-loss - or ultimate health - this five session programme may help you to feel more confident about choosing to eat nutritious, healthy foods! It is also perfect accompaniment to the Virtual Gastric Band programme.

Contact Sheryl today to organise a phone consult, and start your Nutritious Eating journey.

Clients have shared their experiences improving health and fitness with hypnotherapy – go through to the BLOG page.

Note: Results may vary from person to person.

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