The effects of smoking are well advertised in the media, and at every health clinic we visit – so you don’t need to be told what ‘could’ happen. The mere fact you are reading this means you are ready for change!

Smoking or Vaping

Hypnosisworx offers two programmes to help kick those nasty habitual smoking related habits! Be Smoke Free with Confidence – and now Be Vape Free with Confidence!

Smoking, or vaping, can be a very hard habit to let go of. Maybe you have gone from smoking to vaping – and are now reliant on your vaping device instead of cigarettes! When you want to stop a habit this so ingrained, it is important to prepare the mind to accept the changes you want to achieve - and give it all the tools to maintain that change.

Having been a smoker in the past, Sheryl understands how hard it can be to simply STOP something that you have relied upon for many years. Sometimes we start because of social pressure, and then it simply becomes a habit – 'something you do'. Perhaps you feel that smoking helps with stress – or simply gives you a 'time out' from your relentless work schedule, or crazy-busy home life – and you may be concerned about how you will get that much needed 'stress break!'.

stop smoking

Both programmes help you to learn ways to manage stress – so you can feel as if you are having that 'time-out' whenever you wish! They provide an 'all-round' approach to helping you stop your smoking, or vaping habit!

Each programme consists of two sessions - in clinic or online. Over the two sessions you learn tools to help manage stress & tension; improve inner confidence, and feel better about 'letting go' of your habit.

You will receive an individually tailored therapy that is about YOU, YOUR needs, and YOUR goals!

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