Emotional issues may cause problems at home, work, school or socially. They may affect relationships with family, friends or colleagues – and may leave someone feeling aggressive, agitated, empty, guilty, helpless, and a loss of pleasure. People experiencing emotional issues may withdraw or isolate themselves, and their personalities may change.

Sheryl has worked with many clients who present with some, or all, of the above feelings – and has enjoyed helping them through the process of change. In a hypnotherapy session Sheryl uses counselling, combined with hypnosis, to help you understand how these emotions are affecting you – and help you to change the way you are thinking, feeling or behaving around someone, or a certain situation.

These are just some of the emotional issues Sheryl has been presented with in her clinics:

relationship couple

Relationship issues – working with couples together, or individually, to work through the issues that are causing problems in your relationship

Fertility issues – working with couples, or individually, to help you through the process of fertility and becoming pregnant

Family issues – helping to move forward from family issues – perhaps disagreements or separations - that are affecting your daily life

Bullying (school, work, family, relationship, or socially) - helping you to gain assertiveness and confidence, and be less affected by the actions of someone else

Miscarriage – helping you to work through loss and grief, understand what has happened, and move positively forward

Past issues are more often explained as thoughts or feelings that we are holding onto – due to an event or experience that has happened to us some time ago.

grief and loss

Our subconscious programming has held onto the experience, and how we emotionally felt at the time – bringing everything up again with certain triggers, and inhibiting us from moving forward.

Letting go of past trauma, or emotional issues, is an area of hypnotherapy that Sheryl is very passionate about. Seeing her clients change, and feel ‘the weight lift’ is a heart-warming to her.

Whether you are experiencing PTSD, or constantly being affected by a past incident, or incidents in your life – consider hypnotherapy to help you be less emotionally and physically affected by the past, and gain a positive and confident outlook again!

If you would like help with emotional issues – past or present, call or email now for a no-obligation phone consultation.

“I was going through a period of grieving for an old lover, and was finding it hard to let go. Whenever I thought of him I would become emotional - even if the memories were of good things.

With Sheryl’s help I had a couple of counselling sessions with her and she designed a therapy for me about letting go of the past. I felt like I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and it was just such an amazing and enlightening feeling. Now when I think of the past I am able to do so with little effect on me. Although I still do remember things, it is not painful – and when I remember the good things it brings a smile to my face.

It was so worthwhile to have this done!!”

Diane, Otago

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