Pain can be debilitating – and affect what you do in life, and how you feel about yourself.


Some people may even experience feelings of helplessness and mild depression after enduring long term pain.

No two people are the same. One person going through the same painful experience, may view it in an entirely different way than the next person.

Our beliefs and attitudes towards pain, and our personality types may affect how we cope with pain.

Pain may be caused by an injury, tissue damage or by a certain condition.

Acute Painlasts only a short time. The pain signal is merely a warning to the body that there is something wrong, and to get help. It usually improves as the body heals.

Chronic Pain lasts for a longer time than normally expected in the healing process, following surgery or trauma. Chronic pain may also be present with no obvious medical reason, and may be characterised by changes within the central nervous system.

Sheryl knows first-hand about living with constant pain. Since her early 20’s she had experienced chronic lower back pain. But she noticed that, after training in hypnotherapy and using hypnosis, her pain greatly reduced. Sheryl comments –

“Relieving the stress and tension in my body has helped with inflammation, and elevating my positivity and outlook has changed the way I perceive and tolerate discomfort in my body!” **

Using hypnosis to help reduce pain is not a modern modality. Hypnosis was first used as an anaesthetic back in 1829. French Surgeon, Jules Germain Cloquet, used hypnosis on a patient during breast surgery – and other surgeons followed from there.

More commonly nowadays, hypnosis may be used to simply help reduce tension and inflammation – supporting the process of managing pain and discomfort. Hypnotherapy may also retrain your mind to think differently about what you are feeling in your body, and support a healthy attitude to your well-being.

Listed are some of the conditions clients have presented in clinic with – arthritis pain, jaw pain, dental work, childbirth, neck/shoulder pain, chronic fatigue, joint pain, trigeminal neuralgia – and much more.

** Results may vary from person to person.

Sheryl trained as a certified practitioner of the OldPain2Go methodology in 2018.

op2g certified

Seeking methods to help a family member with pain, she was impressed by UK Hypnotherapist, Steven Blake’s methods – and registered for his course when he visited New Zealand!

OldPain2Go works with the subconscious response to ‘old’ pain signals – signals that are no longer serving us any real purpose.

Sheryl now offers Ortho-Bionomy sessions in her Hamilton clinic – as a stand-alone modality – or alongside hypnotherapy techniques to help alleviate pain or discomfort.

See the Ortho-Bionomy page for more information.

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