Being pregnant and looking forward to meeting your baby for the first time should be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life! But all too often nowadays we are hearing that pregnant women, and couples, are consumed with doubts and concerns over the myriad of decisions they have to make – should you take this test? - should you take that vitamin,? - should you birth at home or hospital? - and so on…

childbirthAnd then there is the Labour - and all the stories that everyone so willingly shares with you as soon as you tell them you are expecting! These added stressors may affect the health of mother and unborn baby, and it is important to be as relaxed and confident as possible.

For this reason, Sheryl has put together a Calm Birthing Programme that involves 4 sessions prior to the birth and 1 session following the birth.

These sessions address important issues, such as:

  • Learning to calm your mind and relax your body.
  • Improving inner confidence and self-esteem levels.
  • Addressing individual concerns regarding childbirth and parenting.
  • Effective pain support techniques for labour.
  • Self-hypnosis and positive self-talk for keeping the mind focused.
  • A home visit, clinic or online session after the birth, to help with any issues that you may be experiencing - feeding, bonding, emotional issues, returning to work.

Sheryl believes the follow-up session with clients is just as important as the sessions prior to childbirth - allowing them to address any areas of concern and work on increasing their confidence levels as new parents.

mum dad and baby

This programme even works well if you choose to have someone else support you as your birth partner - such as your Mum, Sister or best friend.

Your support person is encouraged to become involved in the process - so they are informed as to how Hypnotherapy may help you through childbirth.

This programme is best commenced around weeks 16-20 of your pregnancy, however Sheryl has worked with women as late as 32 weeks into their pregnancy.

Online Sessions for Calm Birthing / HypnoBirthing

If you cannot make it the Hamilton clinic – then consider working online. Working together via online video connection is an effective way to learn the Calm Birthing or HypnoBirthing techniques offered.

“Recently I had the pleasure of working with Sheryl, helping me towards my goal of a calm gentle birth. We practised a range of hypnosis techniques which I found very helpful during the birthing process and the weeks leading up to birth. I strongly believe that the techniques we practised helped me stay calm and focused and ultimately achieve the birth that I wanted!! I couldn’t thank or recommend Sheryl enough!!”

Temah – New Plymouth

Childbirth Testimonials

"Our baby boy was welcomed into the world in the most natural and calm environment. I was so happy to be aware of everything that was happening, and so thankful I had the tools to manage any discomfort, with a new life coming through me into our beautiful world. Hypnosisworx gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to go into labour with confidence. I was excited when it started, knowing I could use everything I had learned, and that everything would be smooth sailing. And it was! I felt like it was over too quickly as it seemed so manageable. I loved my experience of using hypnotherapy through the birthing process. I was in complete control and centred in my body, and focused on the new life. This special state really is a gift and I am so thankful I knew how to use it. I encourage any woman who is expecting to be pro-active in their birthing experience and go see Sheryl - to create amazing memories, and a precious story to one day tell the little soul who has no birthing trauma!"

Sarah – New Plymouth

HypnoBirthing is a proven method that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth in a peaceful and beautiful manner. It considers the psychological and physical well-being of the mother, birth partner and newborn - and encourages a feeling of mutual respect for all involved in the birthing setting.

HypnoBirthing is renown world-wide and is based on the teachings of Dr Grantly Dick-Read - an English Physician who was a pioneer in the field of natural childbirth. US Hypnotherapist, Marie Mongan, further developed this wonderful method and published her first book in 1989.

Sheryl trained in the HypnoBirthing method in 2015 and has enjoyed helping many parents work with HypnoBirthing techniques to bring about their chosen birth experience.

If you would like to find out more about hypnotherapy and how it may help you to bring about a calm birth, call or email now for a no-obligation phone consultation.

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