Hypnotherapy is perhaps thought of as helping with our mental wellbeing. However, as mind and body are inextricably linked - it stands to reason that it may also help with our physical wellbeing – particularly in the way we think and feel about health issues, and how we allow those issues to affect our day to day lives!

Sheryl has worked with many clients who have experienced health issues, and has seen how these health issues have affected their personal and working lives. Her own life-long history with serious gut health issues – and more recently hormone issues – has motivated her to offer more health-based hypnotherapy programmes.

Autoimmune diseases are conditions where your immune system mistakenly attacks your body – causing damage to various organs, or parts of your body. There are many types of autoimmune conditions – some listed here:

auto immune conditions

  • Coeliac / Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Grave’s Disease
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Pernicious Anaemia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Systemic Lupus

Whilst there are medications to manage your symptoms, and slow down the progression of the disease, it is thought that lifestyle changes may greatly help. Following a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight; getting enough rest and sleep; getting the right exercise; and reducing stress are all important factors.

The psychological and mental component of pain and disease plays a big part in how we feel about our health issues.

The Immune Support Programme is designed to help you retrain your mind and body – by helping you to think and feel differently about immune condition – and encourage a healthy immune system. Over five sessions – in clinic or online - you will learn tools through hypnotherapy to:

  • Influence and re-programme the immune responses
  • De-programme the stressors
  • Build neurological resilience to stress
  • Alter belief systems and language patterns
  • Live a healthy lifestyle

If you would like to find out how your autoimmune issue may be supported with hypnotherapy - call now for a no-obligation phone consultation.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when there is too much glucose in the blood, due to the body not producing insulin – or not using insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone needed for glucose to enter the cells and be converted to energy.


There are now over 250,000 people in New Zealand who have been diagnosed with diabetes (mostly type 2). Diabetes is also often associated with high blood pressure, cholesterol, eye disease, kidney disease, and neuropathy - causing leg ulcers and serious foot problems.

Medications help to keep HbA1c levels in check, however lifestyle changes may greatly help. Changes in diet, exercise and weight management work together to help your blood sugar levels stay within the ideal range.

The Diabetes Support Programme is designed to help you take control of Type 2 Diabetes!

Over four sessions – in clinic or online - you will learn tools through hypnotherapy to:

  • Feel happier sticking to any healthy diet/lifestyle plan your Doctor has given you
  • Reduce stress and control anxiety
  • Control emotional eating
  • Feel more in control – more confident about life in general
  • Break the cycle of bad habits – sugar, over-eating, snacking

If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy may help you - contact Sheryl today for a no-obligation phone consultation

Hormones play a vital role in our body’s chemistry. They are chemical messengers that are released from our body’s endocrine system. They influence fat storage, energy levels, brain health, sleep patterns, mood, how we manage stress, sexual development – and a host of other vital functions!


If your hormones are out of balance, they slow your metabolism to a standstill – meaning no matter how hard you exercise or diet, the scales won’t budge! Hormone fluctuations occur naturally, such as in puberty, peri-menopause and menopause. Imbalances may also be caused by toxins, or an unbalanced lifestyle.

The Hormone Health Programme is designed to encourage you to rebalance the internal systems within your own body, and make those important lifestyle changes necessary to restore hormone health. And taking control of your weight, energy, mood and hormones may just help to reduce further risk of future chronic illness.

Over five sessions – in clinic or online - you will learn tools through hypnotherapy to help you:

  • Identify which hormones are most likely to be out of balance, and why
  • Identify which are the 4 biggest hormone disrupters
  • Learn about the 4 lifestyle pathways to rebalance your hormones
  • Activate your innate self-healing forces, to naturally rebalance your hormone health
  • Feel motivated to make those lifestyle, and nutritional changes that are so important
  • Reduce stress and tension, and feel more confident in life

If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy may help your hormonal health, call or email now for a no-obligation phone consultation.

Gut issues are on the rise – and we know now it’s not just caused by what we eat – but also our thinking, stress and lifestyle habits. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a group of symptoms that are not consistent – they vary from person to person.

Irritable bowel

People with IBS typically have more sensitive digestive tracts, and messages are more prone to trigger an ‘alarm‘ signal when their gut fills with food, liquid and gas. Due to this sensitivity, the nervous system sends an overload of signals to the pain gate. As the pain gate has also become sensitive, these messages flood through the pain gate in a panic mode - and misinform the brain about the volume/type of food in the gut. The brain then floods the body with stress hormones and tells the smooth muscles of the gut to tighten up and contract to expel the dangerous goods from the body! The more alarm signals, the more the body reinforces itself into the protection mode – resulting in an IBS flair.

Common symptoms of IBS are:

  • Abdominal pain / cramping / gas
  • Constipation or diarrhoea
  • Urgency to pass a bowel motion
  • Loss or gain of appetite
  • Food intolerances
  • Low sexual drive

The IBS Support Programme is designed to support the many and varied symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – and change your thinking so that you feel more in control of your body. This is an extensive programme, that may vary depending upon the symptoms you are experiencing. Some of the tools you will learn through hypnotherapy, and other up-to-date techniques, include:

  • Learning to manage stress and tension – mind and body
  • Changing how you think and feel about your gut issues
  • Feeling more confident dealing with your symptoms
  • Working with the medical profession
  • Managing the emotions that come with gut issues
  • Encouraging you to eat healthily, and exercise
  • Feeling OK about avoiding the foods that irritate your gut

If you would like to find how hypnotherapy may support symptoms of IBS, call or email now for a no-obligation phone consultation.

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