Definition: “The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.”


Counselling is a type of therapy that involves talking through an individual’s particular issues. This talking therapy may help them to achieve insight and understanding of the problem, and realisation of the steps needed to overcome the issues.

Sheryl has had a natural passion for helping people since her late teens. At the age of 18 she trained to become a Youthline telephone counsellor – manning phones at night after her day-job! In her mid 20’s she embarked on training with Victim Support, and progressed from telephone support to the crisis team. At around the time she considered training as a Counsellor, she visited a Hypnotherapist and discovered that Hypnotherapy actually utilises the skill of Counselling – plus much, much more!

Hypnotherapy is a combination of counselling and hypnosis – therefore in a session we will typically talk through the issues you are facing, and then an appropriate therapy (group of positive suggestions) will be given to you whilst in a relaxed state of hypnosis.

Sheryl offers an empathetic, compassionate and friendly approach in her clinic – helping clients to feel at ease. The following is a review posted on Google:

Sheryls way of mixing hypnotherapy along with her counselling is second to none. She is very professional and has a way of connecting and putting you at ease making the process a lot less stressful and easier to gain the full benefits for whatever you may be trying to achieve. I would 100% recommend her to anybody looking to better themselves, or anybody looking for something alternative to just one on one counselling, as Sheryl’s methods truly work.”

Tim, Hamilton

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