Hypnosis is a very natural state in which the body is very relaxed. Typically we all go into hypnosis at least twice a day – in the morning as we wake from sleep and at night just before we drift off to sleep.

Hypnosis is often thought of as a type of sleep but when in the hypnotic state a person is very conscious, very aware, and completely in control. While in hypnosis the body is highly relaxed but the mind is highly alert.

In the state of hypnosis a person may be more responsive to suggestions, but this does not mean that a hypnotherapist can control a person’s mind or free will. You cannot be hypnotised against your will. Even a direct suggestion cannot make you do anything against your morals, religious beliefs, or self-preservation. You will only respond to suggestions that are acceptable to you, and you remain aware of your surroundings during hypnosis.

There are many other times during your day that you may be in a state of ‘waking’ hypnosis – such as when you are driving somewhere familiar and don’t remember a certain part of the drive; or when you drift off (daydream) during the staff meeting!

Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic tool used to access the subconscious mind - with a view to helping achieve personal goals or affecting desired changes!

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