Hypnotherapy is: "Hypnosis combined with therapy – counselling, and therapy suggestions given in hypnosis”

Clinical Hypnotherapy is offered by a qualified Hypnotherapist in a clinical setting – either in a clinic, or online. Hypnotherapy combines the traditional method of counselling with the natural state of hypnosis. In a typical hypnotherapy session, one may expect to simply chat about what is happening in their life at present, what has brought them to this point, general medical and wellbeing - and how they would like to think, act or feel. The Hypnotherapist will use the natural state of hypnosis to offer suitable therapeutic suggestions to help bring about the positive changes desired by the client.

Our behaviour is dictated by the programming of our subconscious mind. Often people are not able to change their behaviour – despite making a conscious decision to do so. This is largely due to habitual conditioning, accumulated stress or unresolved events of the past. The causes of many problems are rooted in memories or perceptions that may be forgotten by the conscious mind, but retained by the subconscious mind.

Whilst in the hypnotic state the conscious mind is bypassed, and positive suggestions can be made directly to the subconscious mind - helping to change out-dated and irrelevant thought processes and perceptions.

Therefore - hypnotherapy may simply assist you to think and feel differently!

Hypnosis is a very natural state in which the body is very relaxed. Typically we all go into hypnosis at least twice a day – in the morning as we wake from sleep and at night just before we drift off to sleep.

Hypnosis is often thought of as a type of sleep but when in the hypnotic state a person is very conscious, very aware, and completely in control. While in hypnosis the body is highly relaxed but the mind is highly alert.

In the state of hypnosis a person may be more responsive to suggestions, but this does not mean that a hypnotherapist can control a person’s mind or free will. You cannot be hypnotised against your will. Even a direct suggestion cannot make you do anything against your morals, religious beliefs, or self-preservation. You will only respond to suggestions that are acceptable to you, and you remain aware of your surroundings during hypnosis.

There are many other times during your day that you may be in a state of ‘waking’ hypnosis – such as when you are driving somewhere familiar and don’t remember a certain part of the drive; or when you drift off (daydream) during the staff meeting!

Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic tool used to access the subconscious mind - with a view to helping achieve personal goals or affecting desired changes!

Sheryl Murray - DipClinHyp

Sheryl Murray is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor who has been combining her passion for counselling with the wonderful technique of hypnosis for over 10 years now.

Counselling is not new to Sheryl. At the age of 18 she trained as a Youthline Counsellor and spent many nights manning the phones as a 'listening ear' for those who needed to talk in the middle of the night.

In her early 20's she volunteered with a new organisation at the time - Victim Support - and gained further insightful counselling and crisis skills. After spending many years in the business and finance arena, she yearned to get back into a profession that would help people. It wasn't until she visited a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2009 that she re-kindled her passion for Counselling and decided to embark on the intensive training required to become a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist with The NZ School of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Her Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy is now proudly displayed on the wall in her sunny and welcoming clinic in Hamilton - where she enjoys working with clients of varying ages, backgrounds and problems. Sheryl also works with many clients around New Zealand, and internationally, via Online Video sessions – and travels frequently to her home town of New Plymouth to see her Taranaki clients.

Sheryl's focus is to provide a professional service to her clients, while bringing an awareness to the general public of the benefits of hypnotherapy - and its ability to bring about an effective change of thinking and behaviour!

Sheryl believes that continuing to study and learn new skills furthers her professionalism, and benefits her clients. She is proud to now have attained status as a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with Hypnosis New Zealand.

Sheryl is also a Full Member of the NZ Society of Clinical & Applied Hypnotherapy MNZSCAH, and a member of the Natural Health Council - MNHC(NZ).

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